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Saudi Arabia is proud and honor to God Almighty to make it home to his old "Kaaba" and a kiss for Muslims pilgrims and pilgrims and visitors to a mosque Noble Prophet Muhammad purer prayer and delivery; so people supervised by the Two Holy Mosques and to provide all the guarantees of comfort and reassurance and services to the pilgrims and Ammar and visitors, and here comes the land of the Two Holy Mosques privacy from the rest of the globe has been keen Government of His Majesty the King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al-Faisal Al Saud - may Allah have mercy on him - since it was founded on the protection of the Two Holy Mosques, and secure all guarantees performance of the Hajj and Umrah and visit all the safety and security, building since the beginning of statehood is based on the provision of health care and ambulatory for all citizens, residents and tourists of the pilgrims and pilgrims, but not to provide emergency health care - especially for the pilgrims, Ammar - an independent body dealing with this, but mandated that the health system or what was known then as the interest of public health, ambulance, it had to be thinking of the establishment of a private ambulance, have been limited to this institution to assist the combatant armies at the border, and has been called the National Medical Association ambulance.

It was this association is the first point of health Isaavip independently, as not in Saudi Arabia any body Organization of the ambulance in 1353 before him, and was the first to end the men of thought and action, then to the formation of this body is for the Saudi-Yemeni war and the outbreak of fighting in the mountains of Asir and Tihama coast Osalad between coral and rocks, and in the plains and valleys, barren, with no amenities and disadvantages of medical supplies to wounded soldiers , and where humanity can not find shelter in the stricken resort to that catch it from the mouths of guns and cannons, swords, and limited capital bayonets;, I have designed these men - they did - that contribute to the war, thus alleviating the brunt and extinguish in the hearts of soldiers a free grief, and asked the government that allow them authored the no man`s land of the country mandated to Bisaav soldiers on the battlefield doctors, medicines, bandages, allowed by the government, and soon emerged that body in the field of work, Astsrecht people to the performance of the humanitarian imperative, and not only for a short time until I started showing contributions from every direction; has this body and the duty to work honestly and faithfully, God willing, to quell the war and that harmony between the two brotherly countries, through voluntary contributions has remained an abundance of capital enabled the aid of structure-Ahli hospital in Taif; met the founding of the Assembly a number of subsidiaries, then and the status of these instructions on the conduct of its work and held up to the Government Ordinance was promulgated to ratify it; research has been conducted in the central standing body of the Assembly, the Assembly decided to request the adjournment of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid, son of King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud - may Allah have mercy - to oversee General assumption honorary presidency, please answer them Highness, and then was elected members of the central body, and they